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A brief overview of the PKT Network

The current Internet is centralized and rampant with privacy and security vulnerabilities. The PKT network provides a novel solution to decentralizing the Internet and providing a private, secure and censorship free Internet.

Internet Problems

The Internet’s network structure is highly centralized, resulting in several problems.


The number of ISPs is limited, causing higher prices, and inferior service.

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Internet users are more exposed than ever to international spying.

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Centralized networks are easier to attack because of the consolidation of targets.

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Internet outages are common because networks are vulnerable to attacks, weather, natural disasters, and operator error. In June 2018, Comcast caused an outage to 29 million users, including businesses such as Netflix and Okta.

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Your ISP is filtering and monitoring your traffic. They know your income bracket, marital status, health and location data. In the USA, and abroad citizens are subject to unlimited Internet surveillance programs.

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Internet censorship is not limited to China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia; in the USA, internet censorship is happening everyday.

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Today’s Internet

Centralized Internet

Your current internet is at the mercy of your Internet Service Provider, who can inspect, manipulate, intercept, and censor your traffic.

The Future Internet

Decentralized Internet

The PKT Network supports, censorship resistant data transfer and computing where it’s required, at the edge.

The PKT Solution

The new PKT Network economically rewards people with PKT Cash to connect traditional Internet to the PKT Network, which builds a decentralized and distributed Internet at the edge. The PKT Network also optimizes the way Internet traffic and data routes across the global Internet. The PKT Network was launched on August 20, 2019.

All these benefits are possible thanks to the new technology called PacketCrypt.

You must store your PKT Cash in a PKT Wallet.

Each GridNode and GridRack comes with a PKT Wallet pre-installed.
You can also access a PKT wallet without buying a GridNode or GridRack.

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