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Gridfinity opens you a door to a safer, faster Internet

When you plug in a GridNode or GridRack, you are contributing infrastructure to a better Internet, called PKT Network. Think of yourself like hosting a telephone pole in a global network. In return, the PKT Network pays you in PKT Cash for the bandwidth you contribute. It’s that simple.

Instead of relying only traditional infrastructure operated by Global 500 companies, PKT participants benefit from a censorship-free, decentralized and distributed network build by all of us, for all of us.

Decentralized & Distributed

The PKT Network is decentralized and distributed, which means it operates without depending on a few, vulnerable single points of failure.


PKT Network is P2P, so as more people use it, the faster it becomes, versus traditional networks that become bottlenecked during peak usage.

Privacy & Security

Using end-to-end encryption, the PKT Network is private, secure and censorship free. This protects your privacy and personal information.

Learn more about the PKT Network here.

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