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How It Works

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What happens to the Unused Bandwidth?

Much like solar, which must be stored to save it, bandwidth needs to be used or it’s gone.

So, how can you make the best use of the unused bandwidth that you are already paying for?

PKT Network rewards users in PKT Cash for contributing bandwidth to the network. This is called mining.

Get paid for your unused bandwidth.

Gridfinity offers multiple products for mining the PKT Network

Plug-&-Play Products

When you plug a GridNode or GridRack into the Internet at your home or office you are monetizing your unused bandwidth.

Hosted Products

Gridfinity co-locates the GridNode or GridRack in our server facility, and you earn the mining rewards. You have remote login access.

How mining works


broadcast announcements (“anns”) across the network

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gather those anns and secure them into the PKT blockchain

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How do I choose between a physical device and hosted subscription?

A plug-&-play product

offers a lifetime PKT engine subscription so you can set up the device in your home or office. You also have access to our GridOS.

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A hosted product

is co-located on Gridfinity’s servers so you get remote access and earn the mining rewards. You also have access to our GridOS.

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