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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to general questions about Gridfinity and common troubleshooting. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us at support@gridfinity.com

About Gridfinity

Gridfinity is a company that develops software and hardware for distributed edge and general cloud computing. Gridfinity also sells niche hosted subscription packages. The hardware devices that Gridfinity is currently selling are referred to as GridNode and GridRack.

A GridNode is a hardware device that you can plug into your home or business Internet, and it connects you to the PKT Network. In return, the PKT Network pays you PKT Cash for connecting your GridNode. Buy now.

A GridNode is a hardware device with a unique software installed on it. When you plug your GridNode into your Internet, the GridNode’s software connects automatically to the PKT Network and you start earning PKT Cash.

A GridNode can be used by anyone with access to a hardwire Ethernet Internet connection. Buy now.

A GridRack is a more powerful version of the GridNode. A Hosted GridRack is co-located by Gridfinity in a data center. A plug & play GridRack can be plugged into your home or business Internet, and connects you to the PKT Network. In return, you start earning PKT Cash. Buy now.

Gridfinity ships to anywhere in the world where mail packages can normally be delivered.

Gridfinity’s ecosystem is a system of containerized applications, which run on Gridfinity’s hardware. These apps are web 3 enabled, which makes personal clouds, transcoding, rendering, machine learning, decentralized storage networks (DSN), and decentralized streaming all possible through our ecosystem.

The more our daily routines depend on the Internet, the less private and safe our lives become. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the web ads that keep tracking you? It is frightening how exposed we are to surveillance, not only by governments, but also to people with malicious intent. Gridfinity has been on the quest for a better Internet, until the new open-source technology PacketCrypt was released in 2019. Gridfinity begane working with the PacketCrypt technology and developed a way of bringing the benefits of the PKT Network to the world. The first product released was the GridNode, which by connecting it to the Internet acted as a gateway to the PKT Network. The PKT Network pays an incentive in PKT Cash to people who connect their Internet to the network. Today, Gridfinity offers a complete product line including the GridNode X, the Hosted GridRack, and the Hosted GridNode. PKT ecosystem is growing faster than ever. Together, Gridfinity and the PKT Network are building the infrastructure for a safer and more democratic Internet.

PKT Network

The PKT Network is the first blockchain enabled network that depends on bandwidth to mint new currency. Learn more.

A network of nodes that have no single point of failure and achieve data consistency through a consensus mechanism. Learn more.

The PKT Network is a decentralized network, distributing data and power across the whole network without depending on one vulnerable single point of failure. Learn more about the PKT Network here.

The PKT Network is different than any other network because data is transmitted using a technology called PacketCrypt, which reduces the need to have big, powerful computers like other networks do. Since the data is distributed, the data can be closer to where it is needed, making the PKT Network ideal for edge computing.

Edge computing is a type of computing that is distributed across many nodes and executed close to where the data is needed. This has huge speed implications for AI, IoT, transcoding and streaming services, by getting the data to where it’s required faster than ever before.

PacketCrypt is the technology that powers the PKT Network. The structure of the PKT Network is based on Proof of Work (PoW), similar to Bitcoin. The difference is that PacketCrypt is a new way of computing PoW that encourages cooperation between many mining devices, allowing bandwidth to be expended instead of processor effort. For this reason, PacketCrypt is referred to as a bandwidth-hard function (BHF).

Bandwidth-hard means it is difficult to be competitive in mining without allocating bandwidth. The PKT chain requires bandwidth to mint new currency, and is thus bandwidth hard.

PKT Cash

PKT Cash is the native currency minted by the PKT Network. PKT Cash went live on August 20, 2019, and is rapidly growing in adoption. PKT Cash has a direct relationship to the bandwidth that was required for it to be minted, and drives the network’s throughput growth. You will earn PKT Cash when you plug your GridNode or GridRack to the Internet.

PKT Cash is the reward for connecting to the PKT Network. PKT is a blockchain that can transform the Internet as we know it, increasing privacy, security, and speed.

You can transact PKT Cash, and use it on other utility applications such as a VPN, edge cloud computing, decentralized storage, and more.

The PKT Network automatically rewards participants in PKT Cash as an incentive to connect bandwidth to the Network. The more people that expend bandwidth, the bigger and more uses cases the PKT Network has.

You can participate in the PKT Network by plugging a GridNode or GridRack to your Internet, or by subscribing to the hosted versions of the GridNode or the GridRack. You can also visit https://pkt.cash directly, download the code and participate with your own hardware.

PKT Cash goes to whoever is willing to expend the most bandwidth to get it. The PKT Network uses an incentive model to maximize bandwidth the same way that bitcoin has an incentive model to maximize compute capacity. The more bandwidth you expend, the more PKT Cash you will earn.

The PKT Cash mining rewards reduce by 10% every 100 days. Each reduction is called a decimation. It will take 63 years for all 6 billion PKT Cash mining rewards to be distributed.

No. PKT Cash is the native currency for PKT. But PlayKey is a shit coin that happens to be using PKT as its trading ticker.

There are several reasons why mining yields can decrease. As more people participate, the mining rewards are divided up by more people. Also, if you bandwidth connection is low, your mining yields will be low. Lastly, every 100 days the mining rewards reduce by 10%, so you will notice a drop in yields after each decimation.  is normal for your mining yields to decrease, just make sure you find out the reason why. If you can increase your bandwidth, your mining rewards will increase.

PKT Wallet

Like any currency, you can store PKT Cash in a PKT Wallet.  With a PKT Wallet, you can transact PKT Cash, and use it on other utility applications such as a VPN, edge cloud computing, decentralized storage, and more.

Each GridNode and GridRack comes with a pre-installed wallet. If you want to access a free PKT Wallet without buying a GridNode or GridRack, there are currently two other options:

Gridfinity Products & Services

You can buy your plug & play GridNode by clicking here.

You can subscribe to a hosted GridNode by clicking here.

The plug & play GridRack is not for sale yet. But coming soon. Keep checking here.

You can subscribe to a hosted GridRack by clicking here.

  • Low power device, 12V @ 2A (10W average draw)
  • High performance – Quad-core 64-bit, up to 1.6GHz
  • Silent, fan-less, conductive cooling design
  • 60GB Flash Memory
  • Expandable storage for edge computing tasks
  • Pre-loaded with cloud management dashboard
  • High speed 802.11ac/a/b/g/n networking

You can download the complete Spec Sheet here.

  • Low power device, 19V @ 3.4A (40 Watts Average)
  • High performance – Celeron 4205U 15 W CPU
  • Silent, fan-less, Aluminum and Steel conductive cooling design
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 250GB SDD
  • 4K HDMI 2.0 Display
  • Pre-loaded with the GridOS cloud management dashboard
  • High-speed 802.11ac/a/b/g/n networking, Supports Bluetooth 4.2

You can download the complete Spec Sheet here.

  • Latest Intel® 8th Gen processor family supports up to six cores and 12 threads.
  • Three video outputs for 4K three displays, four slots for a maximum of 128GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Multiple sets of USB with speeds up to 10 Gbps.

You can download the complete Spec Sheet here.

At Gridfinity, we believe you are entitled to your privacy, and the good news is the GridNode is end-to-end encrypted, so your privacy and data are always secure. Most importantly, there is no risk to your personal traffic or data by using a GridNode.

We use the decentralized PKT Network, which provides greater security, privacy, and reliability than your current centralized Internet connection. Learn more about the PKT Network.


Click here to go to the plug & play GridNode Users’ Manual.

If the left-most green light on the front panel isn’t on, that indicates there is no power. If an Ethernet plug is connected and the back-panel Ethernet plug doesn’t turn on or blink, something is wrong with your Ethernet cable.

The more users that connect to the PKT Network, the higher the demand for PKT Cash. Since the supply of PKT Cash is limited, when the demand for PKT Cash increases, the quantity of PKT Cash earned per block (every 60 seconds) decreases.

At the moment, the antennas are not in use. We are currently developing Apps that use Wi-Fi so you can share your Internet and get paid for people to connect. When those features go live, then the antennas will be usable.

Yes. Please, email us your question at support@gridfinity.com.

Payments and Refunds

Learn more about our prices on our Shop page.

Learn more about our prices on our Shop page.

Yes. You can apply for financing directly, that way you can for your hardware as you earn.

Please, email us at support@gridfinity.com with your concern.

Please, email us at support@gridfinity.com with your concern.

PKT Apps

The GridOS is the operating system that comes pre-installed in the GridNode and the GridRacks. GridOS allows you to connect to the PKT Network. For example, the GridOS lets you install and run Apps.

The Apps are software that you can install and run in your device and that let you make the most of the benefits of the PKT Network.

AnodeVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows you use the Internet through a secondary gateway to the Internet somewhere else in the world. This enables you to get around Internet blocks such as regional restrictions. Download AnodeVPN here.

AnodeVPN uses a different, temporary IP address located somewhere else in the world. As a result, the websites you connect to would see you are located somewhere else.

GridCompute is not live yet, but will let you buy and sell cloud-computing capacity for any of your needs by paying either in PKT Cash or dollars. Keep checking back to see when GridCompute goes live here.

GridStorage  is not live yet, but will let you buy and sell storage capacity for any of your needs by paying either in PKT Cash or dollars. For example, you can store photos, videos, documents, code, and more.  Keep checking back to see when GridStorage goes live here.


The PKT Network is open-source. Please refer to the GitHub repository here.

Yes. The PKT Network Steward is open to receiving project proposals and may fund projects with PKT Cash. Learn more about the Network Steward and future funding application deadlines.


Yes. By joining our Affiliate Program, you can resell our products and gain a commission. Learn more about our Affiliate Program here.

Please contact us with your proposal.

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