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Our GridOS gives you access to apps with robust capabilities

When you use a GridNode or GridRack our GridOS operating system comes pre-installed
enabling you to download the Apps you need

Check out the first apps developed on our GridOS.

PKT Mining

Monetize your Internet connection. This app comes pre-installed on all our hardware.

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Anode VPN

Navigate the Internet with unprecedented privacy using this Virtual Private Network.

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Store and organize all your files with outstanding speed, security, and privacy.

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Get paid to provide edge computing resources to the PKT Network.

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PKT Wallet

Store and transact with PKT Cash using this user-friendly wallet.

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More Apps

Gridfinity and the PKT Network are growing fast. Come back soon for more Apps.

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The GridNodes and GridRacks come with our GridOS operating system pre-installed, which allows you to run Apps