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Gridfinity’s Story

The Internet is a vital part of our lives. We rely on it socially, for business, for dating, for entertainment, and more. We have accepted that the internet is a fixed cost in our lives that we must pay if we want to be connected. Our reliance on the Internet has empowered internet service providers (ISPs) to control both our access to the Internet and our data during Internet use.

Gridfinity’s founders have been on the quest to build an Internet that pays the people using it and provides vital privacy and security. The more our daily routines depend on the Internet, the less private and secure our lives become. ISPs are tracking everything about us: our marital status, our health status, our travel, our personal finance, and other data points. Merchants and web browsers are tracking our searches and purchases. It is frightening how exposed we are online, yet we trade our privacy for convenience.

But what if you could monetize the Internet you pay for and still have the privacy and security you demand. With Gridfinity, you are being paid to become a “telephone pole” in a global network called PKT. As all the telephone poles connect, the result is a decentralized and distributed PKT Network that redistributes money to you at the edge, instead of all the money going to the big corporations. This decentralized PKT Network provides incredible benefits to its contributors with zero technical experience required.

Today, Gridfinity offers a complete product line including the GridNode, Hosted GridNode, and GridRack, and our GridOS that brings PKT Network users together in a vibrant ecosystem of connectivity.

Together, Gridfinity and the PKT Network are building infrastructure for a safer and more democratic Internet. Join us and begin monetizing your Internet today.